Many, very good and sometimes exceptional, blogs covering the theme of International Security/Relations appear to fall into one of two categories: either they seem to promote only the thinking and ideas of the blog owner/ editor/s; or really only publish the thoughts of established security scholars/pundits- neither of which am I suggesting is a particularly bad thing. However, it has been brought to my attention, by a number of incredibly capable students that they struggle to get their voices heard within this existing narrow environment and it is for this reason I have decided to establish this blog: International Security Discipulus – a blog and networking platform for students and recent graduates.

Thinking behind the blog:

Blogging is both an under utilised tool by academics and is unfortunately not particularly encouraged within academic institutions- where it is considered that ‘serious’ work is only published in Journals. However, I believe it is increasingly being recognised as an important platform for the exchanging of and engaging in of ideas with our peers and colleagues globally. To be able to conceptualise a problem, argue an intelligent position in a way this is both of interest to and engages the reader and furthermore achieves this in a relatively short piece is an incredibly useful skill to develop.

To publish work in an open domain- in which I encourage ripostes- can only be of benefit to the emerging scholar: ideas can be tested and challenged, new interests might be discovered, the work of previously unheard of academics or studies at our various institutions around the globe and the voices of emerging (and existing) talent will hopefully be brought to light, and who knows- new collaborative academic partnerships might be borne.


International Security Discipulus seeks posts/submissions of around 750 words on topics of interest within the realm of International Security/Relations and related Foreign Affairs/ Policy (please also attach a relevant image that you would like to accompany the piece). I will not seek to edit posts- therefore acclaim, or errors should be accredited solely to the author. I do ask that you include a by-line stating who you are, what you are studying (degree, level) and where you are studying (a good piece will be published irrespective of where you are studying and to what level) and though not essential but perhaps of benefit, I encourage you to include a contactable email address, to facilitate the exchanging of ideas between scholars.

Comments policy:

Ripostes are encouraged- the preferable response would be in the format of a ‘counter-post’, however, constructive comments are welcomed and will be published also. All that I ask is that you please consider the words of the wise old man whose picture heads this blog and remember to be courteous: ‘When you have to kill a man it costs nothing to be polite’.

Looking to the future:

This blog is organic and will evolve over time- I am open to ideas of how it could be better improved- so if you have one please don’t be afraid to speak up.

Remember, ‘It is from small acorns, that mighty oaks do grow!’


I look forward to working with you and thank you all in advance,

Bertie (BW.R.Holliss).

Contact: bwrholliss@gmail.com


‘When you have to kill a man it costs nothing to be polite’.

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