Afghanistan: Call for Questions.

Ben Moles

Afghanistan seems to be never far from the headlines these days and I am sure for many people studying IR and International Security, Afghanistan is and will remain an important issue and area of great interest for many reasons- above and beyond the major NATO troop withdrawal planed for 2014.

But have you ever considered applying for a job in Afghanistan and wondered what life and living there is really like or are simply fascinated by what seems to be an ever changing ‘situation on the ground’? Perhaps you just have a general interest in Afghanistan or have a curiosity about what draws others to want to work there?

If so, then I’m guessing you might possibly have some questions about it all. Well, I have a friend who is currently working for the Red Cross, based in Kabul. Having spoken to him recently, and asked him if he would be willing, he has very kindly offered to answer some questions for readers of this blog:

“If blog readers have any particular questions surrounding certain issues in Afghanistan I would be happy to write a summary of my perspectives using open source information that I have access to and my general experiences living in Kabul and travelling to surrounding provinces. So feel free to blog this offer.”

So, if Afghanistan ‘floats your proverbial boat’ and you have any questions as outlined above then send them to me or add your question as a comment below and I’ll forward them on and we’ll try and make a decent blog post out of it!


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