First prize is a $500 Westfield voucher, and the best submissions will be considered for publication on Australia’s foremost foreign policy blog, the Lowy Interpreter. The competition is open to all undergraduate (including honours year) students currently enrolled at an Australian university.


Entrants are required to submit an op-ed piece of no more than 800 words on one of the following topics:

  • An election is looming: what foreign policy area is most in need of political leadership?
  • What is your best value-for-money foreign policy proposal for Australia?

For references, use hyperlinks rather than footnotes.

Please submit your entries before 5pm on 24 May 2013.


New Voices

The Lowy Institute is now welcoming applications to participate in this year’s New Voices event, to be held at the Institute in Sydney on 14 June 2013.

New Voices is an annual event that attracts some of the most talented young leaders in business, academia, government, and the not-for-profit sector. New Voices seeks to provide a platform for young professionals to offer fresh insights and perspectives on important questions of Australian and Asia-Pacific foreign policy and international affairs.

The event will  allow participants to partake in an exclusive two-hour panel discussion, followed by a cocktail event with keynote speaker John Garnaut. The panel topic —’Foreign policy my dear? Why Australians should give a damn’ — aims to tackle the broader question of why Australians and Australian political parties are not more motivated to engage with foreign policy issues.

This year’s speakers include:

  • Dr Michael Fullilove — Executive Director of the Lowy Institute;
  • Michael Ware — A journalist and former war correspondent based in Baghdad for TIME Magazine and CNN;
  • Alex Oliver — Research Fellow at the Lowy Institute; and
  • David Pocock  — Australian rugby union player and co-founder of not-for-profit organisation Eightytwenty Vision.

Applications must be submitted by COB Monday 20 May 2013. Successful applicants will be informed before COB Monday 22 May 2013.

Please note that you must be 35 or younger to apply.



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